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Monday, July 10, 2006

Underwear Dancing

What an adventure today was.

After a deliciously wonderful shower, I started my fabulous day by blasting Express Yourself, Do Ya and Long Cool Woman from my computer and dancing around my living room in my underwear.

Ya. I said it.

After picking out a quite flattering and damn cute outfit, I stepped into my adorable gold sandals and headed out to work. Where, may I add, I kicked ass and took names. I knocked out about three projects -- all before noon.

But it was lunchtime that I was really looking forward to. It brought the excitement of meeting new people at a lunch group that I was attending for the first time. I am always nervous about going someplace where I don't know anyone, but I didn't have anything to worry about, as the group leader immediately introduced herself to me when I got there. And I truly enjoyed everyone there. And the potential of what the new group could become excites me. I even was invited to attend a Bible study on Sunday with one of the attendees.

Did I mention that the cute guy from the gym that I had been eyeing since I started going there happened to be at this meeting, too? I'll have to say something to him the next time I see him.

The afternoon consisted of more ass kicking and name taking. I even stayed late in order to tidy up my desk.

As for my dating life? I have finalized plans for meeting one guy for a drink on Wednesday, and I am still waiting to hear back via e-mail about dinner plans with another dude for tomorrow. I am again keeping my expectations to a minimum, but I have to admit that I'm really excited about the possibility of hitting if off with the one for tomorrow night. That is, if I even hear back from him in time.

Who knows.

The evening was spent skipping my workout session, against my better judgment. I know, I know. I should have gone just to see if Cute Gym Boy was there after our meeting, but I had to buy groceries!

Well. That, and hurry home to dance around some more in my underwear.


At 8:41 PM, Blogger Cheryl said...

Nice, way to line the dates up. You need to write an instruction manual for someone


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