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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Last night, I began preparing for a presentation I'm scheduled to give on Wednesday. Because I had no idea what to talk about, I decided to do a little research and start some talking points.

Ho hum. Just like the days when I was in college. UGH.

Doing a little research and chatting online with a few buds, I get a strange IM request.

I never accept these requests unless I think I recognize the name. This name looked vaguely familiar so I went with it.

Unknown IMer: "Hey there!"
Sandra Dee: "Do I know you?"
Unknown IMer: "I hope you do. It's Xxxxx. You know. The guy from Andy's birthday party in college."

I just about peed all over myself. This guy will from here on be known as my BlastFromThePast - because he was. We met at a friend's birthday party about a year ago and couldn't get enough of one another. Hands all over me, constant flirting, hot as hell, musician and athlete. We exchanged phone numbers and called one another quite a bit, but never could get our schedules to mesh together for a date.

We quickly caught up. He's working at a small Division II school, which is about two hours away from me, as a football coach. I told him how much I love football - I really do - and he asked about me. He said he's always in my city and wanted to know if we could get together next time he's in town.

Hell. The. Eff. Yeah.

I playfully told him that us getting together would rock my socks off.

"Is that an inuendo?!" he asked.

You bet it is, kiddo. Okay - so I'm not placing any bets on us getting together. But just when I thought I'd hit a dead end with my dates, out comes BlastFromThePast. And hopefully a future makeout session. Just what I need.

Hell. The. Eff. Yeah.


At 7:16 PM, Blogger Velvet said...


Why hello? What's this in my recycling bin????


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