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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My Last Couple of Days at Work

I never thought I would be saying this.

But I just want to get some freakin' work done at work!


First, my e-mail has not been working. And our web people don't know what's wrong with it yet.

Have you ever tried going through the day at work without your e-mail?

Um, I feel kinda naked without it.

Second, my 5-year-old computer apparently has a bootleg copies of Windows XP, Microsoft Office, Photoshop, InDesign, and every other program on my computer. And somehow? Microsoft has recognized this. As a result, it keeps shorting out and restarting my computer until I get a legitimate copy of XP on it.


So today? I went shopping for a new computer.

Have you ever tried talking about gigabytes and motherboards and duel processors with nerdy techies before?

I hadn't. And I knew I was gonna be lost.

So I called our tech support guy and asked him what he recommended we get. I wrote it down. And armed with my list of essentials -- must have 1 GB of memory, an 80 GB hard drive, and, ahem, legitimate copies of programs, et cetera, et cetera -- I ventured into the semi-unknown territories of Best Buy, Office Depot and CompUSA.

And I walked right up to the service people and gave them the list.

"I don't know what the heck all this is, but I want all of these criteria in one computer for less than $1,000."

They laughed. But they helped me.

Now I have to choose between about 6 different computers.

I think I'm more confused than I was before making my list.

At least the guy at Best Buy was cute.


At 6:55 AM, Anonymous Clint said...

You should date a nerd. They make AMAZING boyfriends, just ask Molly.

At 9:49 AM, Blogger CP said...

Nerds DO make the best boyfriends!

And, they make superior husbands!


At 12:36 PM, Blogger Wombat said...

Now this is an opportunity to look before you buy.

And I'm not talking about the computer.

At 9:13 AM, Anonymous TravelGirlDC said...

a day without email. I shudder at the thought! Seriously, I am addicted to my crackberry.

At 7:33 PM, Blogger cmk said...

Unfortunately, I always wind up talking to people who only THINK they are geeks--don't need to talk tech with someone who doesn't know as much, or more, than I do. :)

At 1:31 PM, Blogger Cheryl said...

Cute saleguys are always the perk. Have fun shopping.

At 7:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I need an update on your life!

At 7:42 PM, Anonymous Jayme said...

That is my comment above! :)


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