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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I hate the limbo.

For all of you who were wondering, I still have a job. Praise Jesus. Our funding is fine. For now.

And yes. Yesterday was my birthday. It was pretty much just like any other day since I celebrated with family and friends in Stillwater this weekend.

And what a fantastic weekend it was.

Friday night I went to see my college-aged friends and we all went out to the bars. I hadn't been to the bars with them since I graduated, so it was certainly fun remembering all of the good drunken times I had in those old dirty saloons. We bar hopped, and finally ended at our favorite: Willie's.

I'd only had a couple of beers, but I was getting sleepy by about 1 a.m. And knowbody wants a Debbie Downer at the par-tay, so I gathered my things and headed for the door.

But that wasn't the end of the night. No siree.

As I am hugging everyone goodbye, my friend LS - who was celebrating her 21st and was understandably very intoxicated - hugged me started swinging me back and forth, hitting this guy beside us. He turned around with a funny look on his face, and I mouthed "I'm so sorry" to him. He laughed, but LS kept doing it. I shouted to him above the red dirt music that it was LS's 21st, and he said, "Well she's probably a little tipsy!" I laughed, finally pulled away from LS, and started heading for the door.

I really just wanted to go home. I mean, he was super cute, but I really wasn't looking to meet anyone.

"He's totally hitting on you! Go for it!" my friend JN said in my ear. "He is?!" I asked, making a face. She nodded.

Sigh. Fine. Okay.

He and I got to talking, flirted a little, and the bottom line? I'm glad I stayed. I guess I was skeptical because I just don't like meeting guys in bars. I mean, they're drunk, they think that you want to go home with them, and they usually act like they're hot shit when they can drink an entire 5 pitches of burrrrrr.

This guy was none of the above. Granted, not really my type with his stereotypical Western belt buckle and cowboy boots, but awfully good lookin' and quite sincere.

It was approaching 1:30 and he and I were still talking. I'd met his friends who were standing around with him - most of which had on cowboy hats. I'm smiling thinking about it. It's just so darn stereotypical in Oklahoma. Just some good ol' farm boys enjoying a brewskie. Anyway, my new friend asked me if I wanted to run down the street to the Copper Penny bar with his friends before it closed.

I took that as a good sign. You know. Rather than him saying "My friends and I are going down to the Penny. Peace out, you crazy hooker."

So. Yeah. He bought me a drink at the Penny. Without me even making a move toward the bar. I guess that's a good sign, too. And he kept saying, "I'm so glad I met you." And he said he'd call me after we exchanged numbers. And he asked to be my Facebook friend - but not like a stalker thing because we joked about something being a quote for the Facebook profile. (Yes, I am on the Facebook. Don't ask.) And he wrote a message through the Facebook about how nice it was to meet me and hoped I was having a great birthday.

I responded with "Thanks! Call me sometime!" Was that too forward? I dunno. I wanted to give him the idea that I was interested.

I assume the above are good signs. I never know if the guy is just being nice and I'm just looking for them to like me or if they really do like me and I'm just blind and don't see it. I can never ever tell. Whatever. He sure was cute, though.

The rest of the weekend was wonderful. My family is from Stillwater, so while I was in town for the bar hopping, I stayed with Mom and spent the weekend with her and my grandparents. Went to the Oklahoma State basketball game - where we won - then out to dinner at the town's Country Club. Sunday brought opening presents. It was marvelous and relaxing.

Happy Birthday to me! Here's to many more!

P.S. And if you're wondering? No. The guy from Friday hasn't called yet. I hope I'm not jinxing this by writing about it.

So here comes the limbo. I hate the limbo.

Oh. And I'm not naming him until he calls. So there.


At 8:58 PM, Blogger Okie said...

How the hell did sass know it was your birthday? Did I miss that? My best friend's birthday was yesterday too. Anyhowser, happy belated birthday.

And who gives a crap if he calls. Real cowboys don't wear big belt buckles. He's straight drugstore.

At 9:07 AM, Anonymous Keith said...

stillwater as in stillwater, mn?


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