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Friday, September 22, 2006

The Waiter

Friday night, I rounded up two of my girlfriends for a night of fun and boozin'. After a long week full of overtime at work and a packed schedule with my civic engagement activities (more on that next time), I certainly needed it.

We had every intention of heading to the bars, when I suggested this place. A live band, some fabulously rich and fruity drinks and some delish food, my girls said "why not?" and we headed that way.

There were surprisingly quite a few people still there at 10:30. We grabbed a tall table near the band and glanced at the drink menu.

"Their signature drink is the best," my friend L said. "And it comes with this little sour gummy thing shaped as a cheeseburger!" We laughed. We also decided on some sweet potato chips to accompany our already calorie-laden evening.

The waiter came over to help us. "What'll it be, ladies?" he asked. And we ordered.

While he was gone, we yelled out our requests to the band, who proceeded to play whatever it was we wanted. As the waiter set down our potato chips and cute fruity drinks, we caught up on our latest escapades.

Both girls being attached -- L to a new love interest and the other, M, to a guy who will marry her after he gets back from in basic training for the army in December -- they gushed about their significant others. I laughed and enjoyed the stories. "And what's your love life like these days, Sandra Dee?" the asked.

"Non-existant," I replied, laughing. "But that's okay. I'm kindof liking it that way. I have so much more time to devote to other things, like you guys!" They laughed.

The waitor asked if we wanted another round. I requested my favorite: Boulevard Wheat with extra lemon, and M ordered some shots for us all. He came back, not only with my beer, but with triple shots for us all.

"What's this?" we asked. "We didn't order triples!"

"The extra is on the house," he said with a grin. I laughed and said "Welp, bottom's up ladies!" and chugged it down. We asked for another round of beer. "Coming right up," he said as he took off toward the kitchen.

By this time, we were just about his only table left. We commented on the cute little gummy burgers that were leftover from our fruity drinks. "They're soooo goooood," I cooed.

"Hang on," he said.

He came back with handfuls of gummy burgers, some sunglasses, and a pig made out of a lemon that he'd made for us. How cute.

We offered him some potato chips, and noticed they were all gone. "Be right back," he said, and he came back with some in a to-go box. All at no charge. "They make a great late-night snack," he said. I laughed.

The band starts playing American Girl, and I'm just drunk enough to enjoy the band's slightly off-key song. I'm singing and swaying even after the music is over, and they tell us it's closing time.

We request our tabs. I throw down a $20 bill, and remember that's all the cash I have on me. So I put it back in my wallet and pull out my debit card.

The waiter gathers up all our money. "I'll be right back," he says. He brings back our tickets, and drops mine in front of me. I sign it, giving him a really good tip.

Then he says something. I don't hear him. I just look up at him and smile.

As he walks off with the signed copy of the ticket, M says "Did you give it to him?"

"Give what to him?" I say.

"Did you give him your phone number?" M says again.

"Oh gosh, no! How embarrassing! He'd probably never call anyway," I laugh.

"Sandra Dee! He asked for it!" L said.

I probably looked like someone splashed cold water on my face. "He did not!" I said, shocked.

"He did too!" M said. "As you were signing your check, he said 'Be sure and put your phone number on there while you're at it!"

"Oh gosh." I was so embarrassed. "Well, I don't have a pen." Both girls reached in their purses and pulled out the necessities, one with pen and the other with paper. Like from a movie, kids.

"I can't believe I'm doing this," I said, scratching out my name and 10 digits. I set it next to my place setting, and we get up and walk towards the door.

M turns around. "We had fun! Thanks!" she said to the waiter. He waved.

"And make sure we didn't leave anything on the table, will you?" M added.

I'm still blushing.


At 6:59 AM, Anonymous Na'Cole said...

Has he called yet??

At 8:27 AM, Anonymous Clint said...

I hit on a waitress one time. I was telling her my order:

Clint: "Yeah, I'll have the Smokehouse burger with salad and the fried okra."

Waitress: "Is there anything else I can get you?"

Clint: "Yeah, I'll take a side order of your phone number."

Waitress: "OMG! That was so clever let me remove my panties right now!"

At 8:40 PM, Blogger Cheryl said...

Ah, that is what friends are for, isn't it?

So has he called?


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