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Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Talk

And now? As promised.

The Talk.

Spending the majority of the weekend with Sixty, I was really looking forward to spending the evening by myself on Monday. I had worked late, worked out, and even had to bring work home with me. The combination of all of that screamed "I need alone time," and I was actually excited about a night by myself.

After peeling off my sweaty gym clothes, showering and dressing, I was ready to get to work in front of the computer. As I was gathering my things, I looked at my phone and saw that Sixty had called and left a message.

"Hey, Sandra Dee. It's Sixty. I was hoping to maybe see you for 30 minutes or so tonight. I had an awful day today and just wanted someone to talk with about it. Okay. Call me back."

Oh boy. The sensitive Momish-side of me said: "Poor thing! Whatever I can do to help, I'll do." The selfish, I-need-my-space-side of me said: "Dammit. I have work to do, and I just spent most of my weekend with him. He can get over it."

And as most of you can guess? I'm too nice. The Mom side in me won. Sigh. My name's not goodie-two-shoes Sandra Dee for nothin'.

So I called him back and told him that he was more than welcome to come over, but he really was going to have to leave after that because I had lots of work to do for that week. He totally understood, but rushed over.

We sat on the couch, and maaaaaan. He did have a pretty crappy day. And bless his heart. He even teared up a little over it. Talk about feeling awful for thinking about not calling him back.

Sitting on the couch for a bit, I finally told him I had to get my work done, but that he was welcome to stay and watch TV - he doesn't have cable - and I felt awful about pushing him out. He took me up on that, and I started pecking away at my work in my bedroom.

About an hour later, I was almost finished, but not quite. I got up and started fiddling around in the kitchen. "What are you doing?" he asked. "Making you some brownies," I said. Come on. Who doesn't love brownies after they've had a bad day? He said no one had ever done anything like that for him before. (You thought I was kidding about the Mom comment earlier? My friends even make fun of me for being like a mom with them. Seriously.)

I went back to typing. After the timer for the brownies went off, I decided to call it a night with the work. Besides, it wasn't very nice to leave Sixty out in the living room, by himself, after having such a crap-ass day. I wouldn't want that if I were him. So I came out and layed down on top of his chest.

We layed there for a bit, then I remembered that earlier in the day, I noticed that Sixty had hidden his profile. Hmmm.

"So I saw today that you hid your Match profile," I said. "What's up with that?" Looooooong pause. Crap.

"I did it because I don't want to date anyone else but you," he said.

Another long pause. My heart skipped a beat, and I got those little butterflies in my tummy. I wasn't really sure what to say next.

"Oh. Okay." Why did I say that?! Why am I such an idiot?! I freakin' suck at this conversation. I started laughing, nervously.

"Um. Sorry," I said. "So, uh, does that, um, mean, that, uh, we're like, uh, boyfriend and girlfriend?" I am such a retard! Why do I have to be so awkward???

"Would you wear my class ring?" he said, in a mocking tone of voice, laughing. "Maybe wear my letter jacket? Yes. I would like you to be my girlfriend," he smiled.

I felt like we just had the lamest conversation ever. Seriously.

"That sounds great!" I said as I kissed him. YAY! I know what y'all are thinking. We haven't been dating very long and we're having The Talk. But you know what? I'm at a point in my life where I don't need to be having multiple dates and keeping my options open and all of that stuff. I've done that all before. And it's just not me.

I'm ready for a commitment. I haven't had one of those for a very long time. I'm ready to work at this. I'm ready to have someone constant in my life. Dating with a purpose. That's what he and I call it. And it's so true.

I couldn't be happier to have found this guy.

Anyway. He ate the brownies, said they were delish, and grabbed a glass of milk and a make-out session to wash them down with. What? Oh! Did I type that? Sorry. So I packed up the brownies and sent them home with him. On his way out the door, we talked about our plans for Saturday - where we have to chaperone a date party for my sorority. I'm pumped about it, and I hope he is, too. It should be fun.

I pushed him playfully out the door. "Bye, girlfriend," he said, grinning.

Ahhh, yes. I really like the sound of that.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Friends

Okay. Yeah. So we had "the talk."

I know. I know. I know. It's too soon. One month and we're having this important conversation. But I'll get there in a sec. First the "meet the friends" story.

Sixty knocks on the door, I open it, and I just about melted. He looked absolutely adorable -- searsucker pants, green button down shirt, brown loafers, and everything pressed. I just had the biggest grin on my face and was so excited about this evening.

I drove since I knew my way to town better, and we had a great time just talking and laughing the whole way there. He couldn't keep his hands off me while I was under the wheel, and I was loving it. We get to the OSU campus, and there is a football scrimmage at the same time as the concert. So we had to park about a mile away - literally - and I was wearing heels. Ugh. Talk about blisters! I thought I was going to die. Not to mention that it was about 90 million degrees outside, and I was sweating like a mo' fo'.

We get to the arena, and the first person I see is Clint. We chatted for a bit, and then I headed up to the stands to see the girls, who had saved us some seats. But the seats were at the end of the row, so we had to pass quite a few people before we got there. However, that gave me a perfect opportunity to introduce him as I walked across. I get to my friend Annie first.

"Annie? This is Sixty. Sixty? Annie."

He gives her a fist pound.

Everyone died laughing. I thought I was going to split a gut. It was really funny. Anyway, so we get to our seats, and again -- arm over me, hand on my leg, holding my hand. It was almost like "Hey world. She's with me." And I loved it!! The best part was that he enjoyed himself with all of the talented shows that we saw.

After the show - where my sorority won best costumes! - we went down on the floor to meet the girls that were in the show. I got bombarded with hugs from the girls, and then I realized I was totally leaving Sixty behind. How humiliating. He looked like he had no idea what to do. I grabbed his hand and just started introducing him to people, and I hoped that helped him feel a little more at ease. He told me later how much he appreciated my recognizing that I was leaving him to his lonesome.

We ate dinner with Na'Cole - she loved him - and then hung out at the house for a little bit in the TV room - again, not being able to keep his hands to himself. I think this guy has a bad, and MAN - I am way into him, too. We drive back home, and he asked if he can come in for some water. Whatever. We all know what went down after that.

Okay. I've got to hit the sack, so here's the deal. If y'all leave me lots of comments? I'll find time during my day tomorrow to write about The Talk. Deal?



Saturday, April 22, 2006

Meeting the Friends

Sixty just called and he's running late, so I thought I would jot down a quick post.

  • Drama at work. I don't want to go into details, but I seriously need to think about getting a new job. Some seriously horrible crap went down this week, and I think that it was just one more sign that I need to kick my job hunt into full gear.
  • Meaningful conversation with Sixty. He and I had a difficult conversation last night about how it is becoming increasingly hard to stop ourselves everytime we make out. I had to tell him I was - brace yourselves - a virgin, and that I'm saving myself for marriage. I was worried that would scare him off. It didn't - biiiiig sigh - and he added that he doesn't want to ruin what we've got just because we're in the heat of the momment. He's so polite and respectful.
  • Thursday night with the girls. We went to a big schmooze fest called the Governor's Cup, and rubbed elbows with the First Lady herself. It was super - $75 tickets - but we got in for free. Dinner was divine: steak, shrimp, potatoes, aaaaaand an open bar. Doesn't get any better than that, my friends.
  • Speaking of friends. Sixty is meeting my friends tonight at Spring Sing. I couldn't be more pumped. Hopefully they like him. I'm sure they will. He could talk to a brick wall.

Perfect timing. There he is at the door right now. Have a super weekend, everyone. Updates about the friend fest on Monday.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Two big huge gigantic brownie points

Oh my. I hope this Sixty thing is going to work out, kiddies.

Because he just scored two big, huge, gigantic brownie points with me.

I got home about 5:15, pulled the two dishes out of the fridge, preheated the oven, and jumped in the shower. Just as I was toweling off, the phone rang. It was Sixty.

"Hey. I'm going to be late. I thought I could make 6, but it's going to be 6:30. Is that okay?"

"Take your time, Sixty. This thing cooks like an hour and a half and I haven't even put it in the oven yet. You're good. I'll just see you when I see you."

Umm, kids? Are you listening to me? Most guys just show up at my door and are like "oh - hey - I got attacked by wild bears and that's why I'm five hours late for our date," and then I'm pissed. I hate that. But this dude called. To tell me he was going to be late. So he got a brownie point for that.

So I finish getting the table set and the salads made. He got there about 15 minutes before the timer went off, and the second he walked in the door he said "Ooooo. What is that?! It smells delicious!" We chitchatted in the kitchen while I got water, and then I pulled out the curry chicken and rice casserole. He didn't say much until he ate it and then said "Is this curry? Curry is one of my favorite things ever." Me too. How funny.

He ate every bite - including his salad, part of my chicken, had more rice, and then said "That was a 10!" Then he mentioned that his dad had asked him this weekend if I could cook, and he told him he didn't know. I asked what he was going to answer with if his dad asked that again, and he said "ohhhh yeaaaaaah!!!" I laughed.

Just as I was getting up to put together some food for him to take home, he gets up and - are y'all ready for this? - starts doing the dishes for me.

Did you guys hear me? He. Did. The. Dishes. I just sat there and beamed. Another brownie point. This dude continues to impress me. And the thing that I loved? He did it because he genuinely wanted to - not expecting anything in return. "You cooked it. I'll clean up," he said.

Afterwards, we pretended to watch TV, but we talked more than watched. At one point he asked, "Are we dating?" And I said, "Sure! Why do you ask?"

"I was telling my friends about you, and they asked me if you and I were dating. I didn't really know what to tell them. I mean, we've been on dates, but I just wasn't sure."

"Sure we're dating," I laughed. "Maybe not necessarily exclusively, but yeah. We're dating." He just grinned and said "Do we need to talk about that?" I laughed and said not yet, but maybe in the near future.

I think this dude likes me. I hope he stays around for a while.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Dinner. And The Mom?

Is it bad that I can't wait to see Sixty tonight?

Last weekend was spent with my family in the neighboring town, so I haven't seen the dude since last week. We hardly got to talk the whole time I was gone, but finally got a hold of each other on Saturday night.

"I was hoping you'd call!" he said. We talked about our days, and he mentioned that his father - who's a truck driver so he's on the road a lot - was in town that weekend, so he woke Sixty up that morning so the two of them could go to breakfast.

He said the two of them talked a lot about me. Gulp. I think that's a good sign.

Here's the other deal: Sixty is coming to Spring Sing next weekend. This event is when the fraternities and sororities at Oklahoma State pair up and put on a variety show to raise money for Coaches vs. Cancer. Oklahoma State is in my hometown, so Sixty will be meeting lots of my college friends that are still in school there.

We were talking about Spring Sing, and he asked if he would be meeting my mom while we were in town. Another gulp.

Hmmm. How do you all feel about him meeting The Mom? It's not even been a little over a month that we've been dating. I dunno. I guess if he is even giving thought to meeting her, then I guess that's a good sign? Do you guys think it's too soon?

Sigh. I'm so worried about screwing this up and I'm forgetting to have fun. I need to quit worrying, let go and let God.

Anyway, after my relaxing weekend at home, I hurried home on Sunday afternoon so I could begin getting ready for Sixty's arrival to my abode tonight.

And when I say "get ready," I don't mean that I tidied up the house. I mean that I made dinner. And I don't cook. At. All.

Curry chicken, rice casserole, and salad. I didn't have time to make dessert. Although I'm sure we can find other ways to occupy our mouths after dinner. Let's just hope he sticks around after he eats what I made!

I can't wait to see him.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Rules of Sandra Dee's Blog

The Rules of Sandra Dee's Blog
(and an update, of course)

1. Keep the filthy comments down. (Clint.)

2. Don't use my real name. That is to insure my privacy.

3. To friends who read this blog: I am bringing Sixty to Spring Sing on April 22. IF YOU MEET HIM, DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES MENTION THIS BLOG TO HIM OR REFER TO HIM AS SIXTY. He does not know about this blog, nor will he ever know as far as I'm concerned. I would pee my pants if he knew my innermost and personal thoughts about him via this blog. That would probably be the death of me. So, yeah, thanks.

On a lighter note, lemme update ya on Monday's date.

I had fully expected him to call on Sunday night to set things up, but he didn't. I was actually a little upset. He called Monday afternoon at work.

"How do you feel about chicken?" he said.

"What about it? I like it if that's what you're asking."

"I'm going to barbeque some for us. Is that okay?"

"Sounds awesome."

"What time should I expect you?" (So much better than the "why don't you get here at such-in-such time." I hate that.)

"Ummmm. Seven?"

"Great. See you then."

I got there at seven sharp and could smell the delicious charcoal when I walked in. He had a table on his back patio, and he said that we would be sitting outside. So I set the table. While gathering everything, I notice a big bag of something.

"What's this?" I asked.

"Oh. The liquor store owner recommended it. Some kind of chardonnay. I spent 30 minutes on my lunch break looking for a good one, but decided to give up and ask him."

Here I was thinking this outdoor barbeque was a whim, when that was the complete opposite. I am really enjoying the fact that the dude always has a plan in mind. That is so refreshing.

So we eat outside - with a citronella candle so we wouldn't get eaten by bugs - and I drank waaaaay too much of the said wine. I apologized for being completely buzzed, and he didn't have any idea what I was talking about. I was falling all over myself here people! How unladylike. Anyway, it was kindof fun because my inhabitions were completely gone by that point. We sat outside and enjoyed the delightful evening, talking away.

I think I could watch paint dry with this guy, and I would still enjoy it.

We cleaned up, plopped down on the couch, and decided to skip the movie and just make out instead. I mean, come on. Who were we kidding?!

And. Well. I'm blushing here, but let's just say it's becoming increasingly hard to keep our hands to ourselves.

He walked me out to my car, and I informed him that I would be going out of town for the rest of the week on vacation slash my grandmother's surgery slash Easter slash hiatis from work slash whatever. He wanted to know when he could see me again. Next Monday sounds good, I said.

Prepare yourselves for another update at that time. As for my vacation, I'm starting it today. Back to sleep I go...

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Weekend Update

Well it's not a la Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon, but Sandra Dee can be just as interesting, right?


Sixty and I had made plans to get together Saturday afternoon for a trip to the museum. But with everything I needed to do this weekend, I wanted to use Saturday afternoon to accomplish it all. So I cancelled, but I suggested Friday night instead. He thought that was fine.

We headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for some tasty chicken and burrrrr and even caught a little bit of the Hornets game while we were there. It had turned cold so we decided on the Incredible Pizza down the street. This place was amazing - go karts, minature golf, arcade games, bumper cars, bowling - all indoors! I had so much fun. After a round of mini golf, go karts, air hockey and skeeball - you like that Jeff? - we collected our prizes and decided to peace out.

He drove home, pulled into his driveway and asked if I wanted to come inside.

Um. Duh.

We talked on the couch for a while, I got to meet his roommate and girlfriend, then we discussed what movie to watch.

Ahem. Let's just say we didn't do much watching of the movie.

Although - let's get one thing straight here, kids. He was nothing but a perfect gentleman. I totally love that. Any other guy would have his hands down my pants or up my shirt by this point. He even was holding my hand with his arm laying between my boobs and was like "Oh - sorry - is this uncomfortable for you?" I really appreciate that.

So we're just laying there on the couch, and after a long batch of silence, he says to me: "Sandra Dee? I like you."

I didn't know what to say. I just sat there in shock. Don't misunderstand, I like him too, but I guess I'm not ready to admit it to him yet. I'm trying desperately to keep my emotions in check. In the past, I've gotten to the point where I'm been so into a guy that I've forgotten my name, and I just can't do that again. It hurts too badly when the bottom drops out. I just don't want to screw this up -- since I think I could see myself with this guy for a while.

What I did say was that I was looking forward to getting to know him better. I hope that wasn't too cold. I dunno. I just don't want to get hurt.

Saturday night was a blast. My girlfriends and I went to celebrate our friend AD's birthday with her family at Eischen's Chicken. This restaurant was standing room only, and we had to seat 16 people around an eight person table, but maaaaaan was it worth it. I think that's the most delicious fried chicken I have ever eaten. Then Sunday, AD's dad had made a giganitc vat of spaghetti and meatballs, so I was invited over for lunch. And it was yummy.

That's about all I've got for ya. Sixty and I have made plans for tonight, and I haven't talked to him since Friday, which is unbelievably healthy for me. I like my space. I don't know what we'll be doing, but whatever it is, I know we'll have fun.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

I didn't want to wash my hair this morning.

Date numero three with Sixty last night. Hold on to your hats, kiddos. This one's a long one. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Sixty was making stew and wondered if I wanted to come over and have some with him last night. We planned it rather spontaneously - which I know is never good because that is making myself too available. However, I didn't have other plans so I agreed.

I raced home, beautified my fabulous self, grabbed a bottle of wine - I felt I should bring something - and was on his doorstep by 6:20.

And oh my, did he smell good. And looked adorable, I must add. He's trying so hard. How cute.

I stepped in, and saw what an adorable - adorable - house he had. Hard wood floors, new cabinets, great floor plan. I couldn't get over how nice it was. He told me it was in a neighborhood full of gay people, but that he didn't mind. "They give me lots of good gardening tips," he said, laughing. "Their lawns are immaculate."

Dinner was good, although I was super nervous. I don't think he could tell, but I just kept sipping my wine, hoping that would help. I think he was nervous, too because he lost his train of thought about three times, and then just started laughing after doing so. How cute.

I offered to help him clean up, but he wouldn't hear of it, so I suggested we take a walk. I knew he liked being outside, and besides, it was a gorgeous night. He thought that sounded wonderful. We took off. At one point I grabbed a hold of his arm in the middle of him telling a story, and he just stuttered and stammered. I was flustering him! Gosh. I have a bad thing for guys who don't have any game.

At one point, we passed a church. I talked to him about how I hadn't been attending mine on a regular basis because I don't like going by myself, and he said, "Well I'm going to be staying in town this weekend, so we could possible go to church on Sunday..." and he paused. He and I simultaneously said "...together" and laughed. What a great guy. He also mentioned that he wanted to take me to the museum here in town. So that's two more planned dates.

We got back, and, since it was early, decided to pop in a movie. Before we did, he mentioned that he had lots of missed calls from his family, so I told him it was fine if he called them back; I didn't mind waiting. While he was on the back porch, I looked through his movies and books. Three-fourths of the books were faith-based books - but I noticed the two Christian dating books, one of them being Boy Meets Girl by Joshua Harris. Let's just say that I could totally see myself with this guy.

So he comes in from being on the phone, and we start The Shawshank Redemption. About 20 minutes through it, for some reason, something prompted our quoting lines from Anchorman, one of our favorite movies. We were having so much fun quoting lines back and forth that we decided to pop in the said flick.

Partway through the movie, he reached over and took my hand. Later, he slipped his arm around me, but while he did, he asked it that was okay that he did that. I told him sure, but that I just hadn't made up my mind about him yet - kidding of course, but I said it with a totally serious face. He said, "Well. I've made up my mind about you." Gasp and sigh. I was totally getting all tingly over this man. The next thing I know, my head is laying on his leg, and he's playing with my hair. I love it when guys play with my hair.

While laying down, I was just about asleep, so I decided it was time to get going. He walked me to my car, gave me a big hug, and just held me for about a minute. It was so nice. I pulled away, and we just looked at one another. He leaned in for the kiss, but while he did, I kept moving my head ever so slightly back so that he had to keep leaning in to touch my lips. I finally laughed and gave in, and it was so nice.

We stood in his driveway kissing for what seemed like forever. I pulled away first, walked to my car to unlock it, laughed and said "I feel like a giddy teenager," and he laughed. I walked back to him for a few more pecks, and then he asked if we would be doing this again. I said, "No. I don't think so," and grinned. I got into the car, started to drive off, but noticed he was standing on his front porch, waiting for me to get out safely. How sweet.

I didn't want to wash my hair this morning. It smelled too much like him.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Men Whose Children I Would Have

Sports Edition
I have decided to start a series of blogs about the men whom I find attractive. This one will be featuring sports related figures. Feel free to comment about my choices and add some of your own to the list. Enjoy!
Kirk Herbstreit
Pretty teeth. Great bod. And when he wears those glasses? Yeowch.
Quin Snyder
I realize he's an ass. I don't really care. He's tall, lanky and downright fiiiine.
Bob Stoops
I should absolutely hate this man since I am a die-hard Oklahoma State fan. But against my better judgement, I would totally get it on with this dude.
Pat Knight
You know. Bobby's son? I sat about 30 feet away from him at the last Oklahoma State game that I attended. It was all I could do to not shout "Marry me!"
Matt Leinart
He's too much of a pretty boy for me to actually date, but he wanted a romp in the sack, I ain't gonna deny 'im.
I don't know about y'all, but I'm getting hot and bothered just thinking about these dudes.

Cliffhangers and Advice

I think I've recovered from the awful episode of this weekend. I didn't mean to be overdramatic in my last post and omit everything that happened. I just felt weird telling the blogging community all my personal biz-nazz.

And no. I wasn't raped. Good Lord, Clint.

Grumble. Anyway. Let me catch you up on my cliffhangers that I promised last week.

1. The Quadruple F-Bomb Dropper Who Asked Me Out: Several weeks ago, I winked at a guy whom I thought was very cute in his profile. He sent me an e-mail and said he wanted to talk on the phone. I sent my phone number. He called the next day.

Within the first 30 seconds of talking with him, I knew something was wrong.

He was drunk, people. Drunk. Who does this?

Not only that, but within about 10 minutes of the conversation, he dropped the f-bomb four times.

He then asked if I was free for drinks later in the week.

I told him I didn't think this was going to work out. What a first impression!

Did I mention he went to OU? Figures.

2. I Didn't Get Paid for My Time At Work Last Week: I shouldn't be blogging about work stuff. So I won't. If you're curious about this story, e-mail me.

In unrelated news, Sixty has not called me since our last date. He hasn't e-mailed either. Nor sent smoke signals or a carrier pigeon.

Do I sit tight? Or is he waiting for me to make the next move? Advice, bloggers?

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Note to self.

When you're not interested in someone, don't invite them in.

I'm not going to talk about my date with GuitarPlayer because what happened is just too personal.

What I am going to say is that I don't think I'll ever hear from him. Fine with me.

I thought he was a good guy.